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Subject : Stop buying FRUITS DURING RAMZAN till its selling prices normal in KARACHI
I want DRAWN attention of Commissioner of Karachi, Governor of Sind what reason FRUITS prices shoot UP & selling more than its double prices in Karachi, which indicate that Govt department helpless to control or indirectly encourage traders to sales fruits what ever profit they want to earn, perhaps Pakistan heaven for traders for earning profits and no control of prices specially during the month of RAMZAN.

I SUGGEST to all type of consumers that do not buy FRUITS for minimum 3 days wef Friday, Saturday and Sunday ( after seeing no consumer buying profit these greedy traders force to REDUCE the prices due to fear of loss or damage of their fruits)

How commissioner of Karachi controlling the prices specially fruits in their price list suggested prices of fruits but the traders always selling above the fix rates and force the consumers to buy fruits for their beloved during RAMZAN, which is consider the greatest sin and more shameful greedy traders consider to earn abnormal profits by ill legal ways is consider the GOOD deeds and in which their double sin washed out?

Why Commissioner of Karachi fail to control the prices which is very difficult job to perform or they people are helpless or careless and do not sincere to reduce the prices of FRUITS so every low income group do not deprive from buying fruits in Ramzan.

We called ourselves as Muslim followers but our act is more worst than non believers, I want to share in WEST when Chrisman’s come than all traders reduce the prices so every low income do not deprive from this important festival but in Karachi Pakistan very regret and dis-appointment since beginning of Ramzan prices of all essential commodities specially FRUITS items prices touch to the sky, which indicate how our leaders sincere and willing to work for the common welfare as reduce the prices and keep a lion eye and those traders who over charged from the fix prices by COMMISSIONER of Karachi must be fined immediately so other traders avoid to charge extra profits,

If you perform any GOOD deeds by the amount earn from negative source ( selling abnormal prices ) which is totally HARAM and un acceptable in ISLAM but this practice is very common of greedy traders and consider their born right to enjoys their desire profits, if you do charity, give zakat to needy or perform UMARH by this black money ( earn abnormal ) than no reward from God plus all your efforts go without any fruitful result.

I specially request to COMMISSIONER of Karachi and Governor of Sind to control the prices of all FRUITS and what secret that prices always increase during Ramzan?

Thanking You

Yours faithfully

( Ashfaq Sharif )

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Posted on June, 01 2017 01:23:43 PM

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