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Subject : Why essential prices of food items always ABNORMAL in Ramzan
I want to share with Government of Pakistan, sind what reason before coming of Ramzan all essential prices of food items, specially fruits reach abnormal as look Government helpless or encourage this black sheep traders to do more and earn profit according to own wishes no question asked.

I am giving simple example of suggested fruits prices as follows

Fruits Before Ramzan during Ramzan

Banana Rs.40-50 per dozen Rs.100 per dozen
Sarma Rs. 50 per Kg Rs. 80 – 100 per KG
Apple Rs. 80-100 per kg Rs. 140 – 160 per kg

Besides OIL, Ghee other items which have more consumption prices increase or make artificial shortage to earn desire profits, this all act does not like and appreciate if a Muslims followers doing only want to earn more N more profits, profit this profit earn from black marketing and abnormal profits proudly doing charity, giving zakat, offer Umar but at end God will return all your good deed which you perform by black marketing n abnormal profits without a single good deed in your book.

Big shatan what perform SINS during 11 months is lesser than what muslim followers performing WORST sin during the holy month of Ramzan cheating, black marketing, stocking good for ramzan to earn profit is perhaps greater performance than SHATAN no one admit or accept it.

I suggest Governor of Sind if you can’t control the prices of all essential and fail to give benefit every common citizen than do one thing after Eid give reward to 25 special greedy traders of RAMZAN ( in a special ceremony ) with the support and assistance of FPCCI and KCCI ( leading trade bodies of Karachi ) so entire nation will knew who behind for increasing essential prices.

In last I pray to God when you destroy all those greedy traders earning abnormal profits and special request do not give them spare time more or involve them in a diseases which have no cure ( all greedy traders must waste entire black money for treatment ) otherwise start selling product with normal margin and avoid abnormal profit.

I must say greedy traders learned one thing during Ramzan greatest good deed is making abnormal profit? That reason government do not taking any action against any single trader to bring the prices down and stable during entire ramzan.

You ever think for low income people how he could buy fruits for his family members at the time of iftari the reason behind selling all fruits prices very high almost 2 prices, which Government of Pakistan or Price control committee will awake and take serious notice?

Thanking You

Yours faithfully

( Ashfaq Sharif )

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Posted on May, 28 2017 07:06:54 PM

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