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Subject : Amjad Sabri's Family Wants To Leave Pakistan

With Amjad Sabri having passed away last year due to being a victim of target killing, it seems life for his family has been tough the past year. Therefore they have come to the conclusion of leaving Pakistan over security concerns. The intention to shift abroad was revealed by the late Qawwal's brother, Azmat Sabri. He claims the family no longer feels safe in Liaquatabad after the murder of his brother. He feels they were constantly being watched and that makes living in a city that has been their home, quite scary. The family plans to leave as soon as they get hold of their UK visas, with the family wanting to shift to London in order to protect their lives, especially of the late Qawwal's three daughters and two sons. While Sabri's mother has requested help from the government to go abroad, Azmat will apply for the visa through former chief justice Iftikhar Chaudhry, who was seen visiting the family on Sunday. It was in June last year that Amjad Sabri, whose voice touched millions, was gunned down by armed motorcyclists on his way to a television studio. This caused grief among everyone who knew him or were his loyal fans.

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Posted on April, 11 2017 01:37:40 PM

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