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Subject : EASY GOOD deeds to perform in Rajab
Why Muslim only THINK to perform good deeds in the month of Ramzan as they are too BUSY to perform good deeds through out the year or not aware the importance of RAJAB in which one can earn countless good deeds plus GOD blessings IF any brother or sister perform this below easy good deeds.

When you share your money, talents, or time with others, you may find that the rewards are so great, that you will share even more. You will be naturally become a more giving, caring, sharing and honorable person.

Please do not strict your good deeds for the holy month of RAMZAN but one can freely perform good deeds as he want to perform during Ramzan and rest of 11 months. Remember one formula good deeds never wash out & sin never convert into good deeds ever in God place.

Some easy 15 good deeds which I select to circulate among all Muslims followers if any one can perform this good deed so I get opportunity to earn BONUS good deed too.

1. Telling Truth always

2. Fulfill the Promise

3. Participation in Burial Service (Namaz-e-Janazah) and Burial

4. Avoidance of Quarrel

5. Respect of Elders

6. Doing Good to the Neighbour

7. Visiting the sick

8. Praying (making Du’a)

9. Helping a Muslim

10. Good Treatment of Relatives

11. Removing hazards from Road

12. Never tell lies or cheat other Muslims

13. Sadka / Charity

14. Reading Qur’aan

15. Not hurting others feelings

Being in a society which is almost CORRUPT, It is our responsibility to do good deeds, by helping people, who needs our help. This will make us a real human being. Let see how many people change their life Style and DO struggle to perform good deeds which is the one single currency workable after DEATH.

If you awake now than never miss the single opportunity to perform GOOD DEEDS this is identity of true Muslims followers and those who consider or proof they are LAZY cum careless Muslims whom God does not like & remain often un-happy with such type of Muslims, Let decide what type of you become MUSLIMS which you remain same during the 12 months not only for the month of Rajab or Ramzan which is not good act.

Thanking You.

Yours faithfully

( Ashfaq Sharif )

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Posted on April, 01 2017 11:59:10 AM

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