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Subject : k-electric introduce new method how to torture consumer ?
I want to share and question from k-electric what reason their department introduce new method of load shedding in the name of MAINTENANCE. Monday ( Mar 20, 2017) I got sms in morning that K ELECTRIC will conduct load shedding from 9.00 am morning till 8.00 pm night but very regret and dis-appointment k electric does not follow own timing and power restore in our area of SOLDIER BAZAR KARACHI after 900 pm ( 1 hr delay), which means K electric have special power to do long hours load shedding and higher authority remain powerless or can’t question from KE management that every month you need maintain than change your staff those who more capable to handle the problems very smoothly

Due to this maintaince no work perform in SOLDIER BAZAR KARACHI as K electric think they are giving electricity to animals not a single human being living in Karachi. What K electric want to give message by these long hours load shedding as they are above the NAWAB or black sheep no higher authority can’t question about their performance which is amazing and strange.

I request to K electric as U did load shedding for 12 hours in SOLDIER BAZAR, our area is not affected but other many areas of Karachi city badly affected when U success to conduct load shedding in a single day for 48 hours ( that time I will understand Pakistan is real ASIAN tiger) K electric try more hard to fulfill dream and break own record ( 12 hours load shedding on Mar 20, 2017)

No other dept can’t torture the consumer as K electric have plenty of experience to give additional pressure and torture to its consumers that reason its lost confidence and trust from consumers. It is painful and hurting why trade bodies association like FPCCI kcci site AND Pakistan Stock exchange remain silent observer and no courage to register complain with the KE for poor service in which ONLY consumers suffers?

It is the dream of every Pakistani citizen who lives in KARACHI when KE improve its performance and always think how to give benefits to consumers instead of introducing new method of TORTURE in the name of maintance which is very painful and hurting, Do you people realized how elder people, kids and patient stay without electricity for long hours?

Thanking You.

Yours faithfully

( Ashfaq Sharif )

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Posted on March, 23 2017 11:42:08 AM


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Nice sharing brother !

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Posted on March, 23 2017 03:28:42 PM


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itna lamba chora lecture, mare to oper se hi guzar gaya hai. sharif bhai kuch acha sa topic interduce kervaian.

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Posted on March, 28 2017 01:26:20 PM

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