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Subject : Veena agrees not to part ways with husband Asad Khattak

Pakistani actress Veena Malik and her husband Asad Khattak have settled matters after the latter apologised for his behaviour to his wife. In an interview, Asad apologised to Veena upon which the actress accepted. Renowned religious scholar Maulana Tariq Jamil played pivotal role in settling the matter. Earlier, Malala and her father contacted Veena and Asad Khattak in an attempt to convince the couple to reconcile, after the actress obtained ‘khula’ (dissolution of marriage) last week. Veena filed for khula after a rift with Khattak and his family over her return to showbiz, sources informed earlier. Her counsel confirmed the separation, saying that the family court issued the decree on January 31, 2017, after his client filed for khula. The court ruled in favour of Veena as Khattak failed to appear in court. Tweeting over the weekend, Khattak expressed hope everything will work out soon.

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Posted on March, 14 2017 10:25:59 AM

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