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Subject : k-electric introduce NEW METHOD of load shedding

I want to share and question from k-electric what reason their department introduce new method of load shedding in the name of MAINTENANCE. I got sms in morning that K ELECTRIC will conduct load shedding from 8.30 am morning till 4.00 pm afternoon but very regret and dis-appointment k electric does not follow own timing and power restore in our area of SOLDIER BAZAR KARACHI after 6.30 pm, which means K electric conduct 2 hours extra load shedding.

This pre-long hours load shedding K electric conducting on whose request or order, than why not strictly following the load shedding time as they feel pain or problem to restore power timely, which indicate how k electric management and its staff careless and negligence, I request to NEPRA in this regard to awake and must question from K electric for this particular issue of load shedding.

K electric consider in SOLDIER BAZAR KARACHI no human being living all are animal NO matter when power restore does not matter, Today I must say No work day in SOLDIER BAZAR KARACHI credit goes to K electric management and its staff WHO dare and question from K electric why they delay 2 hours to restore power and not follow own timing of load shedding for maintenance it is shameful and regretful too.

I have no idea when K electric will improve its working condition and avoid such pre-long hours load shedding which irk the consumers and always hate K electric performance for many reasons but our Govt. not interested to improve k electric working, plus reduce the electric rates, question from K electric when consumer received excess unit billing and take action against Black Sheep staff when delay in solving or attending complain, when all this negative things happening will stop in Karachi which is sweet dream for every common citizen.

No other dept can’t torture the consumer as K electric have plenty of experience to give additional pressure and torture to its consumers that reason its lost confidence and trust from consumers.

Thanking You.

Yours faithfully

( Ashfaq Sharif )

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Posted on March, 05 2017 11:29:53 AM

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