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Subject : K electric torture of load shedding in the name of MAINTENANCE
Today I got sms in morning regarding K electric will continue routine maintenance SHUT DOWN from 9.30 am which last to evening 6 pm (today Feb 4, 2017) which I consider my method introduce how to torture the consumer for long hours during WINTER season.

More painful to say our surrounding building does not get power supply sharp at 6 pm which K electric claim, it means their claim is totally baseless and mis leading the consumer but when the higher will awake and take notice of this type of load shedding which K ELECTRIC frequently conducting without any fear of question in which only consumer suffered?

What problem or pain for K electric if their management announced this load shedding in advance? They informing by SMS at eleventh hours which reflect how they are sincere and honest to provide service to their consumers.

I specially condemn and hate such type of load shedding K electric proudly conducted in the name of MAINTENANCE making consumer foolish which should be stop and when ever K electric conduct such type of load shedding for Maintenance which un informed to consumer than Govt should pressure K electric management to give rebate of 20% of consumer bill as rebate for not informing the consumer in advance and keeping them totally in DARK.

I also forward my suggestion to National Assembly and Senate members so they can debate on this particular issue if they can do more welfare works for own citizen than immediate basis pass this BILL so every K ELECTRIC consumer get benefit when K electric doing wrong or un justify load shedding pre-planned.

How any consumer justify that K electric load shedding from 9. 30 am sharp last up to 7.30 pm ( that time their staff busy in maintenance services that reason could not restore power supply which very hard to digest and believe, I request to Power Minister, NEPRA and Chief Minister of Sindh must question how many hours they keep power off intentationly. If this healthy practice in enforce than all K electric Black sheep staff start working honestly otherwise they only worried how to get their monthly salaries?

Very regret K electric always treats as STEP MOTHER honestly tells how they treat or punish those who using ill-legal connection? I must say K electric stop consider us ANIMAL but we normal human beings, due to this particular act your values become ZERO for which K electric management and staff equally responsible.

It is only dream for Karachi resident when K electric will improve their service of quality service. When stop sending excess unit bill and UN schedule load shedding from this negative tactics consumer irking, might be all this happening due to K electric BORN right which is strange and amazing too.

Thanking You.

Yours faithfully

( Ashfaq Sharif )

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Posted on February, 05 2017 11:45:38 AM

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