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Subject : WHY Traffic police fail to control traffic flow as they helpless or careless
I want to drawn the attention of HEAD of traffic police what reason traffic flow jammed and look traffic police helpless or careless to control the traffic flow, it looks no traffic law followed or obey but majority of people do not hesitate to violate the traffic rules as consider it is their BORN right.

If traffic police not capable to control the traffic flow than what reason department paying their salaries which will be BURDEN nothing else, but more regret It is observed that traffic police ideal place to perform duty end of traffic signal only to catch or hunt people how to do more and more challan no matter using their power in the negative ways only to earn some extra amount for ownself or department GOD know only.

Ever Head of Dept visited the following area as follows

1. M.A.Jinnah Road

2. I.I.Chundrigar Road

3. Burns Road

4. Saddar

5. Abdullah Haroon Road

6. M.T.Khan Road (Bridge)

7. Denso Hall / Moultan Market

notice what reason traffic jammed and what is the duty remaining to perform of traffic police when they totally failed to control the traffic.

The facts findings of traffic jammed as follows

1. Traffic police not sincerely perform duty

2. Traffic police more interest to do challan & skipping to perform duty where traffic jammed

3. Majority of Traffic signals not working or defective

4. Citizen feel proud to do not obey traffic rules

5. Careless driving by Mini Bus / Bus drivers and continuous horning ( traffic police ignore this particular issue)

6. Wrong or double parking of car

7. Entering the wrong side or ONE way road

If any foreign or experts watch our traffic flow from 5 pm to 7 pm than he will said no traffic law exists in Pakistan than why department paying the salaries to traffic police when they totally failed to control the muflow.

When traffic jammed the distance of 20 – 25 minutes it take minimum time 45 to 60 minutes to reach the desire place, which indicate how Pakistan is un civilized and even educated / un-educated both equally responsible to violate the traffic rules, but traffic police have courage to punish those people whom they caught otherwise daily basis more than 200 to 500 people violate but they can’t catch all violates the traffic rules and punish them which shows how our traffic police helpless in this particular issue.

I must add one thing if Pakistan visit UAE, UK, USA, Far East or Europe never think to drive car or ride bike without licence, besides no one can break the traffic rules otherwise face punishment and fine, but sorry to say in Karachi every one can ride bike or car for teenager age is no problem and traffic police never begins campaign against teenager who rides bike or car which mean they encourage or helpless to keep check and balance system.

I am confident if we all follow the traffic rules, traffic signals working without any fault than reach our desire place more early and safe the fuel for not waiting in traffic jammed situation, it all happen when every Pakistani put his efforts and pledge do not violate the traffic rules, also instruct the traffic police their performance not base upon Number of challans but see whether traffic jammed in their duty place than consider these ( traffic police ) not sincerely performing duty otherwise there is no traffic jammed.

It look very strange when our leading trade bodies and association FPCCI, SITE, KCCI, Pakistan stock exchange and Intl Chamber of commerce why not registered their complain for daily basis frequent traffic jammed which give additional mental torture and burden and suggest the Govt of Sind to instruct the traffic police how they are sincere to make challan same way control the traffic flow and repair all defective / out of order traffic signals.

Thanking You

Yours faithfully

(Ashfaq Sharif)

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Posted on December, 14 2016 10:41:35 PM

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