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Subject : Weakness & shortcomings
I want to share golden quote by Hazrat ALI (AS) regarding weakness & shortcoming “Weakness & Shortcomings are not the things to talk about”

The true identity of peoples who are in bad habit only waste precious time in finding, searching and later exposing one’s WEAKNESS & SHORT COMING” as hobby (other wise they can’t digest their meal). Never courage to inform or share others positive ( merits points ) simply totally ignoring are consider the coward HUMAN BEING.

Islam does not like people who exposing those people who have “ weakness and shortcoming” & ignoring ones MERITS. Openly hate people who are busy in this devil activity.

Let check every common citizen in the light of GOLDEN quotes where you stand, if you have bad habit first pray to God how to get rid of this evil habit so in future you may save from worst SIN.

Thanking You

Yours faithfully

( Ashfaq Sharif )

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Posted on July, 19 2016 09:41:55 PM

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