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Subject : 10th Ramadan - The demise of Hazrat Khadijah-tul-Kubra (SA)
Hazrat Khadija (SA), the FIRST wife, the companion and the friend of Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa (PBUH), the Messenger of Allah, and the benefactress of Islam and the Muslims, fell ill. Her illness was brief and fatal. All her life she had lived in the midst of abundance and luxury but the three years of exile had been a time of excessive austerity for her, which inevitably took its toll.

She was the first woman to declare that the Creator was One, and that Muhammad (PBUH) was His Messenger. The glory and honor of being the first woman believer in the whole world, is hers to all eternity.

"Islam did not rise except through Hazrat Ali (AS)'s sword and Khadija (SA)'s wealth," (Hadith). When Islam came under mounting pressure from its enemies, Khadija (SA) sacrificed her comforts, her wealth and her home for it; and now it would appear that she sacrificed her life too, in the way of Islam

Let us take a peep into the life of this blessed lady and hope to understand her enormous contribution to Islam. But very sad & dis-appointment who get favor from Hazrat Khadija (SA) WEALTH now become forgotten MUSLIMS but every think a while whose wealth Prophet Mohd (PBUH) succeeded to spread Islam.

Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was asked about his wife the great Muslim lady, ‘Bibi Khadija-tul Kubra (RA), he said: “When none believed me, Hazrat Khadijah-tul-Kubra (SA) did. She made me a partner in her wealth.”

The great Muslim lady Hazrat Khadijah-tul-Kubra (SA) Passed away on 10th Ramadhan in the tenth year of Hijrah, 620 CE, at the age of 65. Her death was a great loss to the Prophet (SAW). The Holy Prophet (SAW) was grieved to the extent that he declared the year of death of Hazrat Abu Talib (A.S.) and Hazrat Khadijah-tul-Kubra (SA) as Aam- ul-Huzn i.e. the year of mourning.

Those Muslims you remain in darkness and who still not realized how much Hazrat Khadijah-tul-Kubra (SA) scarifies for Islam, today all Muslim should accept the favor of Hazrat Kadijah-tul_kubra and must love with AHL-E-BAIT if he wants to reach Heaven and seeking their mercy after death. Muhammad Mustafa (SAW) never took another wife as long as Hazrat Khadijah-tul-Kubra (SA) lived, and if she had not died, it is most probable that he would never have married any other woman.

Thanking You

Yours faithfully

( Ashfaq Sharif )

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Posted on June, 20 2016 11:38:36 PM

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