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Subject : Easypaisa Launches Pakistan’s 1st Mobile Account Credit
Easypaisa is once again leading the industry with the launch of a term deposit plus running finance offer in order to provide financial empowerment for the masses of Pakistan. Based on its reputation for understanding customer needs, Easypaisa’s dual value product is unlike any other currently in the market. It offers a fantastic term deposit with attractive returns and credit facility with instant approval bundle for Easypaisa account users. The deposit product offers 10% return on savings with a monthly profit payout; these are one of the best terms available by any bank in the country.

Furthermore, customers can get credit line at cheapest available borrowing rates without having to break their deposit. The customer journey for the product is a major innovation, dropping tedious paperwork requirements and wet signatures. No longer do people need to stand in queues, and submit extensive paperwork for basic financial services.

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Posted on June, 11 2016 12:24:40 PM

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