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Subject : Atiqa visits India to open dialogue for a bilateral exchange of talent and entertainment
The Federation of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce & Industry (FPCCI) delegation headed by FPCCI and Standing Committee on Entertainment & Production (SCEP) Chairperson Atiqa Odho attended the Federation of Indian Chamber of Commerce & Industry (FICCI)-Frames in Mumbai. The delegation consisted of Erum Shahid, director and actress Angeline Malik, model and actor Adnan Siddiqui, actress and anchor Maria Wasti and actor and anchor Ahsan Khan. Frames is the media and entertainment division of FICCI, which serves as a vital link between their media and entertainment industry, information & broadcasting ministry and global interests in the sector. Frames is an annual event in India organised by FICCI. The FICCI-Frames division is headed by Chairman Uday Shankar and Co-Chairman Ramesh Sippy. FICCI-Frames has emerged as the foremost business conclave in the entertainment sector attracting almost every vital stakeholder in the Indian entertainment industry as well as several global investors/partners.

The FPCCI delegates are of the opinion that it is important to attend Frames annually as it helps in observing global market trends and establishing better public relations between trade partners. The FPCCI delegates networked amongst key production houses, film companies, casting agencies, television networks and other industry related members on the FICCI board who are representing their industry in India. The visit was very successful as many discussions took place between potential trade partners on how to help bridge a gap between both industries to capture a collective and wider Urdu speaking global audience. There was a lot of interest from the Indian film, television and theatre industry in hiring Pakistani talent, developing Urdu content and further strengthening and improving business practices.

The FPCCI delegates believe that a stronger networking link between FPCCI-Frames and FPCCI-SCEP must be further established. This would help in planning and conducting several trade related events, workshops and exchange of knowledge, ideas and talent. Currently, there is an exchange of business between the Pakistani and Indian entertainment industries. A lot more mutually beneficial bilateral business could be encouraged if FPCCI and FICCI were to work closely together to facilitate the trade and establish better working policies since they represent the business communities of their respective countries. Establishing stronger structured business practices in the entertainment sector between both countries is crucial as there is a certain amount of trade taking place already, which has a lot of potential to grow very rapidly if facilitated by the national federations.

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Posted on April, 27 2016 01:14:31 PM

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