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Subject : Why Actress Sarah Khan Rejected Movie Offers
Sarah Khan is one of the talented actresses we have in our industry! Her mind blowing acting skills in Naraaz, Muhabbat aag si has clearly told us that she has that real acting talent and potential. You might be thinking that why this beautiful and sparkling looking actress not coming in movies? If you does not know the answer then we will be telling you, check out these details:

Recently, we came to know that Sarah Khan was invited to Shaista Lodhi Morning Show that was aired on ‘Hum Sitaray’. When Shaista Lodhi asked her a question that why she does not appear in films then she replied back if filmmakers will be accepting her demands then she will for sure be ready to work in any movie.

Why She Rejected Movie Offers?

* She wants to according to the culture and according to her environment. And Sarah Khan cannot see all of these aspects in any movies.

* She will not perform in any kind of item song. If this demand will not be made by any of the film makers, then she is ready to work in a movie.

* Sarah Khan will not be wearing short sleeveless outfits, backless and also dresses having deep neck. She will never be wearing revealing clothes.
We are sure that now all of you have known about this fact why Sarah Khan has been rejecting movies and why we cannot see her in any movie! But let us hope for the best! If she will find a good script and story line for her, she will for sure come in a movie. One thing for this actress, she is quite talented and she should be showcasing her talent in films too.

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Posted on January, 14 2016 01:41:29 PM

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