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Subject : Importance of telling truth
Being as Muslim follower I wish to spread my knowledge regarding what benefit one get by telling truth or telling lies which is not hidden from any common than why people choose negative path and creates problem and loose own image plus value if he speaks lies?

Hazrat Imam Ali AS has said: "Lying is the most abominable trait."

Hazrat Imam Mohammad Al-Baqir AS : says: "Allah (SWT) has made locks for evil and made drinking the keys to these locks." Since drinking makes one loses his mind and ultimately commits evil. Imam Mohammad Al-Baqir (pbuh) added: "But lying is more evil than drinking." Drinking makes man loses his mind and unintentionally hurt others, but the liar commits evil deeds intentionally.

Hazrat Imam Hassan Al-Askari AS : has said: "All spiteful traits are placed in a house and the key to this house is lying."

Lying is one of the most common wrong acts that we commit throughout our daily life. Lying is a subject that we should all take some time to think and reflect on.But very shameful we Muslims followers claimed as Muslims but bad habit of telling lies in daily life affairs and consider that I am very clever and smart by using lie words but on return you place yourself in hell for this evil performance.

Due to cell phone every one have plenty of opportunity for telling more LIE’S IN daily life affairs when a person called to have meeting or getting payment than these are famous liar replies one can made

1. I am busy in meeting
2. I am not in office
3. Switch Off the cell
4. Not attending the call

But no courage to tell the truth instead of telling lies in which he suppose to hide from un-wanted supplier or visitor, than shame on such people no matter belong to any group level.
Make true promise on eid milad un nabi DAY in future you avoid for telling lies and always seek the truth, being a Muslims followers every one have to follow our beloved Prophet Mohd ( PBUH) & received COUNTLESS good deeds.

HAZRAT Imam Ali AS stated the clear benefits of truthfulness: "The truth teller achieves three things: (other's) trust, love, and respect." Now it is your choice to tell lie or truth which you think better as Muslim followers.

Thanking You

Yours faithfully

( Ashfaq Sharif )

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Posted on December, 27 2015 05:56:35 PM

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