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Subject : 10 Best Special Forces of the World
10 Best Special Forces of the World
Special forces are highly trained military units to perform special and unconventional tasks.

10. Australian SASR
9. SSG Pakistan
8. Unidad de Operaciones Especiales Spain
7. Alpha Group Russia
6. National Gendarmerie Intervention Group France
5. Sayeret Matkal Israel
4. Special Boat Service United Kingdom
3. Navy Seal United States
2. Army's Delta Force United States
1. The British SAS
SSG (Special Services Group) of Pakistan is also included in this list and ranked at 9th positions.
It is an honor for Pakistan that such unbiased international organizations always included Pakistani commandos in worlds best special forces.
In fact, SSG Pakistan is always in the best special forces; no matter what is the criteria and who is preparing the list.
Pakistan may be at number 1 or at number 10, but they cannot be ignored while preparing such lists.
Even enemies of Pakistan acknowledged the bravery, courage, skills, professionalism and patriotism of Pakistani soldiers in the field.
Earlier this year, "Business Insider Australia" ranked SSG on 1st position.

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Posted on December, 21 2015 01:25:48 PM

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