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Subject : Natural Gas:: The Main Energy of the Future
Natural Gas:: The Main Energy of the FutureMore and more coal power stations are being closed and replaced by natural gas based ones.

Natural gas is used by probably > 50% of homes in the US for heating. Maybe slightly less so for stove/range cooking, hot water production, decorative fireplaces, and even clothes dryers. The reason being it is cheaper than using electricity or oil. More and more homes switch from oil heating to natural gas every day.
Are people willing to trade their gasoline tanks for a natural gas one...not sure. Would people be happy if prices went up...definitely not.

I think most people would be happy if fusion happens and electricity becomes dirt cheap.
They'd disconnect their natural gas lines, switch to all electric appliances, and get rid of their heating oil tanks in a second.
Then they'd charge their electric cars at home and everything would be peachy.

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Posted on December, 14 2015 03:50:06 PM

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