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Subject : Actress Neelam Muneer Receiving Film offers to Work in Bollywood
The model turned actress, Neelam Munir is approached by Indian film director Ikram Akhtar. Neelam was offered a leading role in the movie, titled ‘India Mein Lahore’. She also said that she has received the script for one of the films and is currently in the process of reading it. But, the patriotic actress declined the offer, stating working for Pakistan media industry being her priority. Sources say that the talented young actress was asked of 3 months shooting schedule for the movie. But, the actress declined the offer.

She states, ’what I am today is because of Pakistan’. Hence I look forward to serving my own local industry, she added. Elaborating further on her career choices, Neelam said that acting is not just a profession for her but it is also her passion which is why she only chooses the projects that appeal to her. According to her: “Bollywood is a major film industry and every actor has aspirations to succeed over there. My best wishes and prayers are with the local actors who are currently engaged in Bollywood.” She included that for her the way of the story and character were more imperative than the business itself. Regarding whom would she like to star opposite in Bollywood, Neelam said, “I don’t have star phobia at all and I am not bothered about who is casted alongside me.” She also termed herself as ‘lucky’ considering how people are anticipating her film debut. “I consider myself lucky that people want to see me in films, but I don’t want to rush into making a decision, which I may regret later on,” she had said.

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Posted on July, 12 2015 09:51:48 PM

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