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Faisalabad, Pakistan

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Subject : Faisalabad Photos...... ....daily updated
Faisalabad...... formerly known as Lyallpur, is the third largest City in Pakistan.The city is an industrial centre especially in Textile industry.Faisalabad is an industrial hub and its managing 55% of whole Pakistan's export. Faisalabad is the site of the prestigious University of Agriculture, founded in 1906. University of Agriculture is largest University of Asia.
very famous people are belong to Faisalabad the youngest Microsoft Certified Professional in the world, Arfa Karim, aslo belongs to this City. Saeed Ajmal, Pakistani cricket player, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Qawwali singer, Kapoor family, Bollywood Actors, Rameez Raja, cricketer,commentator.Bhagat Singh, Indian nationalist.Hari Singh Dilbar, (now in India) Punjabi language writer and poet.

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Posted on March, 20 2012 12:55:16 AM