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Subject : Research shows bright side of ultrasound
Inconsistent use of ultrasound scanning generally poses similar dangers to human and foetal health as ionising radiation does but the latest research has shown that it may increase the chances of conception in ‘infertile’ women.

In a research carried out at the anatomy department of the University of Health Sciences (UHS) by Prof Dr Shadab Ahmed Butt as part of his PhD project, it has been found that use of ultrasound as a treatment increases the follicle count of the ovary. It means that there will be more eggs and more chances of becoming pregnant.

The research says ovarian follicle is the basic unit of female reproductive biology and is made up of roughly spherical collection of cells found in the ovary. They contain a single egg. The research has been approved by foreign evaluators.

“These follicles are periodically stimulated to grow and develop, resulting in ovulation (release of eggs) of usually a single competent egg. These eggs are only developed once every menstrual cycle,” it says.

In reproductive medicine a reliable test is needed to calculate the number of eggs a woman has at a point in time as well as the quality of those eggs. The term “ovarian reserve” is used for this purpose. It is an estimate of the reserve of the woman’s remaining egg supply. So, a woman’s ovarian reserve de termines her remaining fertility potential.

“We found an increase in the total count of follicles after diagnostic ultrasound exposure in all experimental subgroups of our research which was carried out on animal models -- rabbits and mice,” Dr Shadab told Dawn. The response was dose dependent, he said.

He said increase in the number of eggs at various stages of development and insignificant increase in live offspring number was reported at 10 radiations but decreased at exposure to 5, 20, and 30 radiations.

“Pre-conception treatment increased the birth rate whereas post-conception treatment of the animal with ultrasound increased the death rate of the newborn. Also the birth weight and crown-rump length (total length of baby) was lower in the latter,” he explained.

UHS anatomy department head Prof Dr Muhammad Tahir, who supervised the research, said the study was undertaken to understand the inveterate use of diagnostic ultrasound in medicine.

“Ultrasound is used routinely today and usually once or twice during most pregnancies. Physicians and medical personnel have come to believe ultrasound is safe which explains its widespread use. This belief in safety came from the early studies which did not reveal any adverse effects of ultrasound on the foetus or baby in the womb. However, latest investigations have shown that ultrasound scanning of pregnant women significantly increases the likelihood of miscarriage, preterm labour, and even infant mortality,” he maintained.

He further said no matter what intensity and duration of ultrasound waves were used, there was always a possibility of these waves creating unnecessary thermal and physical pressure to a growing baby.

Prof Tahir said there was evidence to support that the children who had been exposed to ultrasound while in their mother’s bellies had a greater risk of suffering from dyslexia and other speech and learning problems than the children who had not been exposed to ultrasound.

He was of the view that the efficacy of the new models of ultrasound machines flooding the market must be evaluated for their safety and side effects using appropriate animal models. Moreover, some regulatory mechanism should be in place to define the limit of power of the machines to be used in general practice.

“Principle of ALARA (as low as reasonably achievable) or minimal use of ultrasound scanning are required to be kept in mind by the ultrasonographers and practicing doctors,” Prof Tahir advised.

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Posted on December, 19 2011 12:04:57 PM


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Search kuch bhi khay Dr or Ultasound se DOOOOOOOOR hi rehna chaheye

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Posted on December, 19 2011 01:04:12 PM


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bajjo ne aik dum sahi baat ki ,ultrasound se karwane k baad bnda umeeden laga bethta hai jo ka ghalat hai

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Posted on December, 24 2011 07:00:10 PM


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ultra sound 20,000 seh uper ki frequency ki sound produce krta hai jo hm nye sun saktey bs yeh formula hai ish ka

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Posted on January, 09 2015 02:16:44 PM

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