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Subject : Parliaments of the World
The name of Afghanistan Parliament is Loyal Jirga
The name of Albania’s parliament is Kuvend popollore
The name of Algeria’s parliament is People’s national assembly.
Angola’s Parliament is National People’s Assembly.
Argentina’s parliament is National Congress.
Australia’s parliament is Federal Parliament
Austria’s parliament is Federal Assembly.
Bahrain,s Parliament is National Assembly.
Bangladesh Parliament is Jatiya Sansad.
Brazil’s Parliament is National Congress.
Bulgaria’s Parliament is National Assembly.
China’s Parliament is national People’s Party
Cuba’s Parliament is National Assembly of people’s Party.
Cyprus’s Parliament is House of Representative.
Denmark’s Parliament is Folketing.
Egypt Parliamnet is people’s Assembly.
Germany’s Parliament is Bundesrat
Ghana’s Parliament is National Assembly.
Iceland’s Parliament is Althing, oldest parliament
Indonesia’s Parliament is People’s Consultative Assembly.
Iran’s Parliament is Majlis-i-Shoora Islam
The Ireland’s Parliament is Dail Eireann
Israel’s Parliament is Knesset
Japan’s Parliamnet is Diet.
Mexico’s Parliament is National Congress
New Zealand’s Parliament is House of Representatives.
Norway’s Parliament is Storting.
UK’s Parliament is House of Commons.
Spain’s Parliament is Cortes.
Qatar’s Parliament is Advisory.
Sweden’s Parliament is Riksdog.
Zambia’ Parliament is Congress.
Zimbabwe’s parliament is National Assembly.
Switzerland’s Parliament is Federal Assembly.
USA’s Parliament name is Congress

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Not included... pakistan and india )

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