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I am blessed to have so many great things in my life - family, friends and God. All will be in my thoughts daily.

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The rain may be falling hard outside, but your smile makes it all alright. I’m so glad that you’re my friend. I know our friendship will never end.

by (few years ago!)
People marry for a variety of reasons and with varying results. But to marry for love is to invite inevitable tragedy

by (few years ago!)
Search for the stranger inside you, forgotten even by your death.

by (few years ago!)
Fear that Allah whose Greatness is such that when you do something He sees it,And even if you dont show it,He knows all that is in your heart.

by mahmood (few years ago!)
As is our confidence, so is our capacity.

by (few years ago!)
If you really want something bad enough, you'll find a way to get it

by (few years ago!)
We live in a no more nails culture, where everything is barely held together with cheap glue and falling apart at the joints

by (few years ago!)
Refrain from entering a profession where you are selling your time; as you will never receive fair value in return

by (few years ago!)
A coward is incapable of exhibiting love; it is the prerogative of the brave.

by (few years ago!)
People don't look at your personality first. People judge you automatically by your looks and then try to get to know your personality. But the second they don't like your looks, they don't get to know you. That's how reality !

by Tariq Bangash (few years ago!)
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