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Eye contact is the best accessory.

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Normally, people tend to shut off their ambitions and competitive thinking because it doesn't help them much in normal life. But in the movie business you've constantly got to prove yourself. So I can be a real asshole on the set sometimes.

by (few years ago!)
An acquaintance that begins with a compliment is sure to develop into a real friendship

by (few years ago!)
Use your smile to change the world, don’t let the worl change your smile

by (few years ago!)
Endeavor and persistence lead to success, this is a causality rule and works in 99% of the cases. But we need to put at least 1% for God's will to make sure of the justice...

by (few years ago!)
If you tell yourself that you are the best,so you'll be,everything lies in your tongue if you believe in yourself

by (few years ago!)
Growing apart doesn't change the fact that for a long time we grew side by side; our roots will always be tangled. I'm glad for that.

by (few years ago!)
Happiness is a perfume which you cannot pour on someone without getting some on yourself.

by (few years ago!)
It Is Risky Not To Take Risk. If You Don't Take Risk, Risk Will Take You.

by HUSSAIN (few years ago!)
For somehow this is tyranny's disease, to trust no friends.

by (few years ago!)
Respect was invented to cover the empty place where love should be.

by (few years ago!)
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