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To succeed as an artist a person must learn to deal with failure. To succeed as a person an artist must learn to deal with success

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“It's ok to cry as hard and as long as you want to… Just make sure that when you stop crying you won’t cry for the same reason anymore…”

by dracula (few years ago!)
To truly love yourself is beautiful, but to change yourself for someone, just mean's they never truly loved you for you

by (few years ago!)
A true friend will ride with you in your new car, and when its been repossesed, on the handle bars of your bike.

by (few years ago!)
Sometimes you forgive people simply because you still want them in your life

by (few years ago!)
If you naturally go with the first impression you get of someone/something, you're a fool

by (few years ago!)
Trusting others without building an expectation of any return gives us a sound, snoring sleep worth many unseen, uncountable currency

by (few years ago!)
I don't need an excuse, I just want the truth.

by (few years ago!)
All women are flirts, but some are restrained by shyness, and others by sense.

by (few years ago!)
In my opinion, there is no aspect of reality beyond the reach of the human mind.

by (few years ago!)
god should of made a seperate sleep life, so that no matter how busy your life gets, you still get to sleep as many as you can

by (few years ago!)
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