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Truth may be stretched, but cannot be broken, and always gets above falsehood, as oil does above water.

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Early to bed, early to rise, keeps a man healthy, wealthy and wise.

by (few years ago!)
I'd rather meet a man that truly knows how to LIVE than a man that only knows how to make more money

by (few years ago!)
Contemplate thy powers, contemplate thy wants and thy connections so shalt thou discover the duties of life, and be directed in all thy ways

by (few years ago!)
Without love think bright mind, but in love think every time… so how do think

by (few years ago!)
I was too blind to see that you were too deaf to hear me.

by (few years ago!)
Life is the first step to everything in our world . If there in no life there is no love if there is no love there is no life.

by (few years ago!)
I hate man more than I hate god because man created god

by (few years ago!)
A wise man, when asked how he had learned so much about everything, replied: ''By never being ashamed or afraid to ask questions about anything of which I was ignorant.''

by (few years ago!)
Reach for what appears to be out of reach

by (few years ago!)
I`m a sinner. I lie so much about "I have read and agree to the terms of use" on websites

by (few years ago!)
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