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Can you imagine a world where everyday we all commit to make a difference in our own life

by Pak101.com (few years ago!)
Let’s always feel love for those who may seem in need… never pity

by Pak101.com (few years ago!)
" The Right Temperature In A Relationship Is Maintained By Warm Hearts, Not By Hot Heads . . .!"

by Usama (few years ago!)
A quote agreed by all is not a quote

by Pak101.com (few years ago!)
Some of the greater things in life are unseen that is why you close your eyes when you kiss, cry, or dream.

by Tariq Bangash (few years ago!)
Cursing the past and slapping the present would not help you to avoid the future kick

by Pak101.com (few years ago!)
Don't love a person who don't love Allah... Because a person who can leave Allah can leave you alone too.

by dracula (few years ago!)
"Even Though You Never Loved Me, I Always Kept Smiling, Because I didnt Want People To Blame You, As A Reason Behind My Tears."

by dracula (few years ago!)
I think it's always a good move to listen to that inner voice, if it doesn't lead to a crime.

by dracula (few years ago!)
A creative man is motivated by the desire to achieve, not by the desire to beat others....!!

by dracula (few years ago!)
Do can not reach the moon, but you can try to shine in a high place as it does :)

by dracula (few years ago!)
passion makes the world go round....love just makes its a safer place..

by dracula (few years ago!)
"It is better to have an ENEMY who honestly says they hate you than to have a FRIEND who's putting you down SECRETLY."

by dracula (few years ago!)
Believe in yourself and there will come a day when others will have no choice but to believe with you.”

by dracula (few years ago!)
being punctual is an act of slavery :P

by dracula (few years ago!)

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