Benita David

Name Benita David
Nationality Pakistani
Date of Birth
Place of Birth
Famous For Modeling And Actress

Benita David, Actresses is famous for Modeling And Actress, Pakistani celebrity.

Benita David is one of the newest entrants in showbiz. Although been there for over a year now, but in showbiz that is no time at all. Rather, that is the time it takes you to learn the just about. Benita has managed to catch the eye of the movers and shakers, and why would'nt she? Though she has the looks, she also has the right connection a Sunita Marshal.

This A-list model is Benita paternal cousin hence we assume her induction in showbiz would have been relatively easier. To date, the lithe lass has bagged some character roles in telefilms and serials. Besides, she has also dabbled in modeling, both on the runway and in commercials.

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