Meera Ansari

Name Meera Ansari
Nationality Pakistan
Date of Birth 24th October 1988
Place of Birth Karachi Sindh
Famous For Model

Meera Ansari, Female Models is famous for Model, Pakistan celebrity. Born on 24th October 1988

Meera Ansari born to Bushra and Iqbal Ansari in Karachi and has a sister Nariman Ansari. She got her early educatio from Karachi and did further studies in arts and became a painter. Her sister Nariman is also an artist ,painter and photographer; but Meera decided to get step in showbiz and started her career as a model.

Meera made her debut in showbiz some two years back and is even today as choosy as she was at that stage. Going for all that comes her way is not her style. At the time of her stepping into modeling, she was still a student of 'A level's'. she acted with her mother in two or three plays when she was of 9 or 10 years.

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