Nadia Ali

Name Nadia Ali
Nationality Libya
Date of Birth 3 August 1980
Place of Birth
Famous For Modeling

Nadia Ali, Female Models is famous for Modeling, Libya celebrity. Born on 3 August 1980

The bold and beautiful yet an emotional cry baby, Fashion model Nadia Ali, came into Pakistani Fashion Industry four years ago. Her passion for Modeling developed when she was studying in LUMS and instantly decided to go for this profession.

This gorgeous Pakistani Fashion model is currently working with Ather Shahzad, when asked why she doesn’t give a chance to other photographers, her reply was, “why would I choose a second rate option? Tell me, would you buy a cheap Thai imitation when you have the chance to get your hands on a Louis Vuitton original"

These days Fashion Model, Nadia Ali is enjoying her love married life with Daniyaal, an actor at Local theatre Production.The soft hearted Fashion Model, Nadia Ali loves the protective and caring feelings of marital relationship but it is very hard for her to compromise and sacrifice that a marital tie needs but overall she is loving her married life so far.

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