Kamal Irani

Name Kamal Irani
Nationality Pakistani
Date of Birth
Place of Birth Karachi
Famous For Acting

Kamal Irani, Actors is famous for Acting, Pakistani celebrity.

Kamal Irani (died on September 13, 1989 in Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan) was a famous actor of Pakistani cinema (Lollywood). He was born in an Iranian family living in Karachi that is why used to put "Irani" after his name, His real name was "Syed Kamal Udin Safavi". He worked with all the famous actors and performers of that era like Mohammad Ali, Zeba, Deeba, Waheed Murad and so far so on.

His name was quite famous in the industry. He established an event management company and used to arrange concerts and shows. He has also introduced so many newcomers to the film and music industry of Pakistan of that time. His company was closed after his death.

Mehran Jamali (1990) (as K. Irani)
Sohni Mahiwal (1976)
Naya Raasta (1973) (as Kemal Irani)
Baharon Phool Barsao (1972)
Sangdil (1968)
Aina (1966) (as K. Irani)
Chiragh Jalta Raha (1962) (as Kamal Irani)
Khan Bahadur (1960)

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