Name Iraj
Nationality Pakistani
Date of Birth
Place of Birth
Famous For Modeling

Iraj, Female Models is famous for Modeling, Pakistani celebrity.

Pakistani Fashion industry is now capable to compete with any other strong Fashion Industry of the world. Pakistani Fashion industry has achieved such position because of the number of devoted and hard working people.

Among other outstanding Fashion shining stars, Pakistani Fashion models are amazingly representing the Fashion statement of the country. There are many experienced and emerging Fashion models proudly working in the Pakistani Fashion industry. Fashion model Iraj is one of the big, old and experienced Fashion models of the Pakistani Fashion industry.

Fashion model Iraj entered in the Pakistani Fashion industry and has started his career as a Fashion model when there were only a few models. Fashion model Iraj worked very hard and with the passage of time gained immense fame. Due to her dedication and commitment with the work, Fashion model Iraj is now recognized as amongst the top Pakistani Fashion models, both at national and international level. Fashion model Iraj is still working day and night to maintain her high profile status in the Pakistani Fashion industry.

Other than ideal model’s figure and guts, Fashion model Iraj has got extraordinary photogenic face; which makes Fashion model Iraj a perfect one, to walk on ramp as well as in giving shoots. Fashion model Iraj has graced the covers of numerous Fashion magazines. Fashion model Iraj also has the honor and experience to work with many Pakistani Fashion designers, stylists, Photographers and other models. Fashion model Iraj knows the art of representing designer’s work in an elegant way. Fashion model Iraj has an admiration to represent the Fashion statement of the country internationally. Fashion model Iraj worked in some commercials videos too. Fashion model Iraj has a strong and dominating personality, which is a source of inspiration for the new comers.

The talented Fashion model Iraj always pay attention on her health & fitness, along with her gorgeous looks. This might be the reason that Fashion model Iraj looks attractive & sexy in Fashion shows and hot on magazines covers. Being the senior model, Fashion model Iraj has no comparison with any other super Fashion model of the Pakistani Fashion industry, as Fashion model Iraj has its own well-reputed and well liked place.

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