Usman Shani

Name Usman Shani
Nationality Pakistani
Date of Birth
Place of Birth
Famous For Singing

Usman Shani, Singers is famous for Singing, Pakistani celebrity.

Usman Shani is a pop star in Pakistan. His recently released video, "Jaise Jante Nahin" has been played on, a Pakistani Music channel.

Usman Shani married Aeysha Nida Yusuf on December 22, 2007.

Usman Shani has released 2 albums and 2 of his tracks, one from each album has become a hit. Album titles are:

Morey Nain
Jaisay Jantay Nahein
"Morey Nain" features the famous solo, "Hath se Hath" - and the other album has the hit track "Jaise Jante Nahin". graduation in interior designing from NCA Lahore. From a very young age Usman Shani liked musical instruments more than toys and he was greatly inspired by his father who was a music lover and used to play a few musical instruments like sitar,flute etc.
As time passed Usman's attraction converted into passion and he decided to take it as a profession. Usman Shani has also taken basic classical music training from late Ustad Talib Hussain Jafri. Usman Shani is of the view that Classical music is base and without base nothing is complete.If someone wants to do well in music he must learn classical music.

Usman Shani was and still is a great fan of Mohammad Rafi. Usman Shani is in process of finalizing few songs for Pakistani and Indian films. In future,Usman has the desire to do more film songs because Usman feels that his voice is more suitable for film playback.

Usman Shani can play a Harmonium and a Guitar, but his wish is to play all music instruments in the world because dozens of instruments attract him so much. Being a playback singer and having classical training Usman loves to sing live.

In Usman's opinion, one thing which needs serious attention is that there is no music academy in Pakistan. It should have been done much earlier because the new generation has no idea how much they can learn from our musical heritage and this is only possible through an academy. That's why he has the wish to found a music academy in the future.

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