MQM Sneaks Into Sindh Government

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While media is busy in proving or disproving Hamid Mir as traitor and GEO/Jang group as friends of India; many pending businesses are being rushed to their completion. Musharraf has been safely tucked into the Karachi; MQM has joined the Sindh government; and few projects have been approved hastily at the Port Qasim. Muttahida Qaumi Movement has thanked their stars at last and have joined the roost. Without power and without being in rule they are like fish without water. They simply cannot survive without being part of the ruling elite. At this point their inclusion in the power means that agencies and military would have very easy way of manipulating things in Karachi. Rauf Siddiqui and Dr. Sagheer Ahmed of MQM were sworn in as provincial ministers at the ceremony held at the Governor House.
MQM Sneaks Into Sindh Government
Also Musharraf will now get an easy exit. It won’t be easy for the PML-N government to bring Musharraf to justice now as provincial powers are so strong. MQM will oppose any such move vehemently and the provincial state powers will be with them. Behind the scenes, agencies will be pulling the strings and we very well could see a new tussle between MQM and PML-N touch new heights. Remember that MQM assassins of Dr. Imran Farooq are still in custody of the agencies.
There is little doubt that agencies are behind this move of MQM joining the government. It’s their way of twisting the arms of PML-N government in the center. PML-N’s business oriented government is heavily dependent on the Karachi. If Karachi is restive and if they don’t wield control there, they would fail and agencies would love that. For unfortunate Karachiites, this very well could mean initiation of yet another all too familiar spate of Karachi violence.
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