How To Apply Brush On Your Whole Face

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Blush on is one of the important things in makeup. It gives a freshness and color to your face. Also you can define they way your face looks with the help of blush on. For ages i have thought that blush on is only limited to cheeks.  It’s just recently i learned that one should apply blush on not only on your cheeks but also on other parts of your face.  In today’s beauty article we will tell you How To Apply Brush On Your Whole Face. If you apply blush-on only on your cheeks it will give color to your face, but sometimes it will stand out. On the other hand if you apply the same color on other parts of your face, your blush will blend in properly. 
How To Apply Brush On Your Whole Face
Following are the steps on How To Apply Brush On Your Whole Face :
Following are the tools that you will be needing for applying blush on the correct way.
* The first thing that you need is your favorite Cream Blush. 
* Another thing that you need is the Angled Natural Bristled Blush Brush, you can use Laura Mercier    
  Angled Cheek Contour Brush. It is really nice.
* The next thing is; You favorite powder blush.
* And the last thing you will be needing for , How To Apply Brush On Your Whole Face, is Round -tip
   Natural Bristled Blush Brush.
Blush on is very important for Makeup. Following are the steps on How To Apply Brush On Your Whole Face.
1) Step one is that you dip the Angled Brush into the Cream Blush and press gently, because the more pressure you apply the  more product you get on your brush and you don’t want that. So, gently press the bristles into the pot.
2) Step two is; You should bolt the brush on the back side of your hand 3 times before you go anywhere near your face. It is a very important make sure that you don’t skip this step.
3) Step three is that you smile infront of the mirror so that your apples pop forward. Stamp the brush on top half of each of your apple. Why pop the brush instead of sweeping, because sweeping will move any foundation or concealer you have applied underneath.
4) Step four is; you continue with the stamping process as you move towards your temple and end above the brow bone. And you will also notice that the blushon intensity has lessen towards the end, which is perfect.
5) Step five is the layering of powder blush on the cream blush. Dip the Yachiyo Brush into the powder Blush.
6) Step six is; give a quick tab on the back of your hand and then again simple to pop those apples.
7) Step seven is; start with the top half of the apple and top the brush on it. Continue with the tabs as you make you way along the cheek bones to the temple and across the areas above your brow bone.
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