Tips For Doing Manicure At Home

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I personally like to do manicure but many of us aren’t willing to pay for it every time we want it. After all how long can a manicure stay intact. So, whats a better option that we should know how to manicure at home. If you are a french manicure lover like me, then this article is meant for you. Ofcourse you can’t go to a beauty saloon when ever you want a manicure. So, we will teach you how to do a manicure at home. It is really easy and you will be done in minutes.
Tips For Doing Manicure At Home
Following is are the Tips For Doing Manicure At Home :
* The first step among Tips For Doing Manicure At Home is; fill warm water (not hot) in a small mug.
* Then you have to do is mix a little quantity of hydrogen peroxide.
* You have to make foam and for that you have to mix shampoo.Mix shampoo for formation of foam.
* Once you have prepared the everything now is the time you dip your fingers in it. Dip your fingers in this solution for 10 minutes.
* Dry your hands by patting. Bleach them and once again dip your fingers in the solution.
* Clean your nails.
* Remove the dead skin with cuticle cutter.
*Finish by drying the hands and applying hand lotion.
* And Lastly Massage for 5 minutes from elbow to downwards.
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