Aitzaz Hassan - What a Waste

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All these police officers like Chaudhry Aslam and common students like Aitzaz Hassan are giving away their lives, actually for nothing. All they have done is to provide some spice for the 24*7 TV channels, and a chance for some anchors to prove themselves intrepid. As usual after their deaths, there is usual inflow of tall statements and some medal and consolation money for the relatives. The net result is zilch. Still after all this TV coverage, bravery medals, statements by the top shots; the terrorists will keep roaming freely. Still people like Munawar Hassan will keep declaring terrorists ’shaheed.’ Still the government will remain in the state of inertia on the terrorism issue. Still Chaudhry Nisar, the most idiot interior minister ever, will keep on showing his arrogance to media and opposition and public. Still there will be no action against the terrorists, and we will keep on discussing who is good and who is bad, and whether they are our own people or some international conspiracy.
Aitzaz Hassan - What a Waste
For years now, I have been crying that there is no other option but an outright fight against these terrorists. Most of the tribal people are also in cohorts with these terrorists, as they have nothing else to do, and they know nothing else but to fight and kill and smuggle. Most of these tribal people are providing funds to these terrorists by kidnapping for ransom, smuggling, drug trade, bank robberies, and other crimes. These terrorists marry with the daughters of these tribes, and so they are one big family. There is no need of any APC, or any warning or any surgical operation. Just drop some small scale nuke on the epicenter of the terrorists, and surround the area and shot whoever tries to escape. Also take NATO’s help and ask them to cordon off Afghan side of the border and ask them to keep carpet bombing that side. That may sound ruthless, but go and watch the plight of victims of suicide bombings. This is indeed ruthless but that is the only way to combat the terrorism. Sri Lanka learned that very hard way after decades of getting hurt and burned by Tamil tigers, but then they just wiped them out. We need to consider that terrorists are flies and not humans and deal with them likewise.
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