Comparison of Ali Azmat and Simon Cowell

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I am religiously following the Pakistan Idol competition on the GEO TV, and I really like the show, but I cannot fathom the rationale behind the fact that GEO has chosen Ali Azmat, the Junoon guy, as the judge of the Pakistan Idol. I never liked his singing, or songs, or anything associated with him, because that’s not a music.

Comparison of Ali Azmat and Simon Cowell

That’s simply noise and that’s it. On American TV, in order to get more ratings, Simon Cowell routinely insults, ridicules and makes fun of the contestants. He is not honorable, decent, kind, and nice to the contestants. His mean demeanor, harsh attitude and brash comments about the contestants leave a very bad taste, and even in America criticism is high.

Comparison of Ali Azmat and Simon Cowell

Pakistani TV channel GEO has tried to copy the Simon and have brought in a failed, worst, flop and indecent person Ali Azmat to act as a judge. The comparison between both is that both know don’t no respect to the contestants as per directions from the producers, who are the actual pay masters. Both are there to increase the ratings of the program, and that’s their sole purpose. The only difference between the two is that Simon at least knows about the music and he has the personality, and he has some credible background. Whereas  Ali Azmat  is nothing to write home about.

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