Problem with Tariq Malik, NADRA Chairman

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Bureaucrats are difficult, and when they are foreign qualified and foreign trained, they are complex. Present chairman NADRA is both difficult and complex. In order to add icing on the cake, he is the one of the leading political affiliate of the Pakistan People’s Party and enjoys personal support of head of PPP, Asif Ali Zardari. Tariq Malik, chairman NADRA was appointed by the Yousaf Raza Gilani and that is perhaps enough to put certain doubts on his appointment and whatever ensued it. Without any merit or publication of the vacancy, Malik was put into as chairman NADRA. 
Problem with Tariq Malik, NADRA Chairman
That’s the way all the cronies of Gilani came into being in the PPP regime. After becoming chairman NADRA, Malik started his world tours and did 117 foreign tours on government expense. He was out so many times that even Gilani started envying him. This is PML-N dispensation and they have every right to nullify the faulty and merit-less appointments. People wanted to them fire whoever was appointed by Gilani and Zardari, and that is why people voted them in. That’s what they did with the Tariq Malik, and some people started raising hell. There are forces who want to destabilize Pakistan my making elections controversial.
There is a debate going on over thumb impressions on ballot papers, but the fact is that the usage of magnetic ink could not be ensured in 2013 general elections. The campaign of linking changes in NADRA with the issue of thumb impressions in general elections is not correct. The provision of magnetic ink was the responsibility of the Election Commission and the interim government. Tariq Malik is hard at work maligning the government, putting the NADRA at stake and a tug of war has started. He has to go, and the sooner the better Courts should also speed his departure and let executive make the decisions as its their prerogative. Tariq Malik should go from where ever he has come and spare us from his foreign knowledge.
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