Careers in the Real Estate Industry

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Working in the real estate industry offers the opportunity to meet a wide range of people along with carrying out a variety of different responsibilities and duties. It takes a special person to work in the real estate sector. The person should be vigorous, capable, confident and be a convincing negotiator. Moreover, the person should find it exciting in assisting people with making decisions such as buying, selling or renting a property. A person cannot pursue a career in this industry without keeping in mind long working hours, continuous travelling and with the looming threat of employment being subject to a fluctuating market and intense competition. In addition, the person needs to follow high ethical standards like honesty, integrity and confidentiality.
Careers in the Real Estate Industry
Following are some of the occupations in the real estate sector:
Real Estate Agent:
They deal with, for instance, residential properties, commercial plazas, hotels and offer a range of services depending upon the type of property they have been appointed to sell, lease or rent. The agent must keep in mind the owner’s wishes about price, contractual conditions and the marketing of the property. Qualities needed to become a successful agent include having an engaging personality, good communication skills, initiative, foresight and integrity.
Property Manager:
They lease and manage residential, commercial and industrial properties on behalf of property owners. The duties include selecting tenants, collecting rent, negotiating leases and representing the property owner at tribunal hearings.
Buyer’s Counselor:
A buyer’s agent is a professional property consultant who acts solely for the buyer by scouting suitable properties and representing the buyer throughout the process.
Real Estate Appraiser:
Appraisers estimate the value of properties based upon market conditions at a given time. Valuations are used for the calculation of land tax, insurance competition, assessing mortgages or establishing the value of properties for sale and rent.
They conduct public sales and are expected to explain the contract and property’s features to potential purchasers. This person needs to be a licensed real estate agent or employed as an agent’s representative. All participants in this sector are facing new challenges with online real estate marketplaces playing an increasingly important role. New tasks will emerge whereas others will be reduced. Regarding the fact that buyers/sellers are now more active and less independent on consultants, at some point some real estate professions will become extinct and new occupations will come into existence. Nevertheless working in real estate is a rewarding career with income levels being directly proportional to efforts. The profession offers flexibility, freedom and the opportunity to build a secure future and help in shaping the future of the community.
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