Current Situation in Rawalpindi Under Curfew After Shia Sunni Clash

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Rawalpindi is smouldering and is kind of volcano right now which an burst at any time. The  only thing which is stopping it from exploding is the curfew maintained by the heavy contingents of the military and para-military forces. I was spending this weekend with a friend in one suburb of this city and now I am stuck where I am, and cannot go to my home. Due to the suspension of mobile phone services and disruptions in the land-line services coupled with scant availability of the Internet, its hard for me to keep in touch with the family and the friends. But what I am hearing is not good, not good at all. Though the Rawalpindi administration is trying its best to calm the situation, both sides remain adamant. Sunni leaders in Pindi want revenge as it was their Mosque and seminary which was torched and it was their people who were dragged to street and beaten to death. Shia leaders say that sermon from the Mosque was the root cause.
Current Situation in Rawalpindi Under Curfew After Shia Sunni Clash
Rawalpindi right now is a terrible amalgamation of trepidation, exasperation, frustration, fear, and hopelessness. People don’t have food supplies and in some areas there is no power and water supply, especially around the Fawara Chowk area. The most important thing which is required now is the milk for the children. There is also huge crisis for the people who are sick and old. They cannot go to the hospitals and there is nowhere from where they could get the medicines. This is where government needs to make some urgent arrangements. There is no hubbub on the streets of ancient Bani Chowk, Raja Bazar, Chitiyan Hattiyan, Iqbal Road and Committee Chowk and rest of Murree Road.
There is no hustle and bustle in the city. It looks like city of dead, and ghosts seems to roam the pathways. But the sense of tension is palpable. Sadly enough there is no respite. Already I am watching few gory pictures appearing in the social media. I also see anchors and reporters in the media taking sides of their respective sects. This is not making things cool and calm. Chaudhry Nisar, the interior minister is yet again unable to judge, contain and maintain the situation. Being an arrogant and egoist himself, its very unlikely to expect from Chaudhry Nisar to manage this situation. For this the Prime Minister has to act himself as soon as possible.
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