A starry night & the second highest mountain

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As i have always mentioned in my articles, K2 is a shy mountain. It’s always hidden behind clouds and if you are lucky it might sneak out for a while. To view that mountain, i trekked for 6 long days starting from Skardu town and reached Concordia camp site. During the first night, while every other trekker went to sleep, i sneaked out of my tent to see how the second highest mountain looks like under stars.
A starry night & the second highest mountain
K2 hidden behind clouds, from Concordia campsite
Initially it was pitch-dark, i used my flashlight to find my way, skip rocks and went to an elevation, a place where i could easily spot K2. I started to setup my camera on tripod while found myself lost in that area.
A starry night & the second highest mountain
Mitre peak (6017m) shining under stars
I got scared. I had never been scared of the places while travelling. i have been to places, felt things in my surroundings, felt things happening to me, could be super natural or whatever, but this time it was way too different. The mightiness of nature overtook me. I found myself in a different world. Those ten minutes i was not in this world. It was too difficult for me to grasp the hold of that reality around me.
What i saw was silhouettes of giant big cony mountains all around me, from front to back. I gazed at all of them and could see nothing but black huge structures with snow shining on top. And above them i saw a different world. Millions of stars, not just bright but colourful stars, i saw galaxies and it was very easy to spot them all with naked eye. In my front was K2 hidden under stars. 10 minutes were too difficult for me to bear such moments of glory. I got scared, I was alone and without any further delay, i packed my camera and went back to sleep in my tent. Have you ever had any such experience?
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