Social Media in Pakistan: Can we promote it with positive news?

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Enough has already been said about the video song ‘Eye to Eye’ and without any ambiguity; it has reinforced the fact that the power of social media is growing strong in Pakistan than ever before. However, its freedom comes with responsibility and more so for those who are being followed and are looked upon as mentors. May it be the elections campaign or songs by new comers, social networks can now turn individuals from unpopular to popular and vice versa.
Similarly, it can change the fate of people from zeros to heroes and heroes to zeros. Importantly, all this is possible in just matter of hours. But hey, don’t forget to pour some ingredients as a prerequisite to achieve it. Make sure that you include some hot spices like glitters of glamour, funky comedy, play with golden words and perform some unusual actions. Moreover, you may include a cranky fight, dress weird, bring some curiosity or suspicion and yes, background does play a pivotal role so make it eye catching as much as possible.
Social Media in Pakistan: Can we promote it with positive news?
Ironically, you can be a successful politician in Pakistan if you can lie and make your followers believe things what you will never do. Try to hide the truth from the public, just deny if you ever said so, and blame everyone but not yourself. If you are a singer, don’t worry for your quality of voice. If you can put some ear catching music and remember all the ingredients, you can be the next sensation. If you are developing writing skills, social media is for you. Just be creative as what readers really resonate with, it isn’t so much how you write, but what u say. If you are not educated then you are lucky as you have better chances of getting any kind of job because the so-called educated ones here do not go for those which you can do.
Additionally, just learn how to use a computer and taste all the spices mentioned in this article. One day, you will surely be a successful entrepreneur. If you are new as a trainer, you can be in line of huge fan following and in the list of budding trainers. For all this, you do not need to be a good public speaker, posses training skills or world of knowledge, just learn the basics of selling yourself. It will be icing on the cake if you are an actor too with some abilities of making hilarious actions and to make people move. Again, social media is the platform for your self-promotion so go for it buddies.
One of my great friends and a journalist, Mr. Fareed Rais writes:
“I agree with you. I have always insisted on the power of social media, but unfortunately, our people still don’t have any awareness what to share, what to like, where to share and where to comment. You post a picture and you will get hundreds of likes, if you are a female then this figure will be multiplied. But if you post anything educational, anything informative, anything analytical, you will hardly get any comment or likes as it is my personal experience. People like Veena Malik, Meera gets fame, but people can hardly understand the reality of umpire Asad Rauf who has been falsely associated with Leena Kapoor. Facebook and other social media applications need awareness on how to use it, but here in Pakistan, it is unfortunate that people use it as a hobby without keeping in mind the protocols”.
Indeed, there is also a lot of positive work being done via social media and hats off to our youngsters for it, but will such initiatives of them for the progress of our country be a hit within a day or so? Will we promote and share it not in hundreds and thousands, but in millions and billions? We need to ask ourselves, how much we really promote the success of our people who make Pakistan proud internationally; those who are doing remarkable work in the country and the work of those who are the talented and hidden stars of our country. How much our Media highlight them and why their success for Pakistan can’t be the ‘Breaking News’?
If we have time for face book and tweet updates minute after minute, then imagine if we could take only some of it in promoting social media with positivity around. The day good news reaches out to common masses in every nook and corner of the country; it will be a Pakistani Social Media Revolution via the online world with support of other media. The image of Pakistan and Pakistanis will automatically improve then at the world level. Let’s not wait and start working on it at Pakistani to Pakistani level, will we?
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