Fauzia Kasuri and Javed Hashmi Were Cut to Their Size

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Fauzia Kasuri will work on providing the cleaning water and Javed Hashmi would work on the old salary. Fauzia Kasuri’s status in the party is still unclear and she may or may not get a seat, but her relations with PTI would never restore to the point where they were before all this fiasco. Javed Hashmi was an outsider and now he has stamped it too.
Fauzia Kasuri and Javed Hashmi Were Cut to Their Size
In the national politics of any country, there are some leaders who are top most and then there are some leaders who always suit to the number 2 or number 3  position in the party ranks. The intelligent and pragmatic leaders see that, understand that, compromise with that and carry on their politics with success. Javed Hashmi was number 3 in the PML-N, and he is number 3 in the PTI.
No matter whatever Javed Hashmi or any armchair political genie says, the truth is that its power politics and and ambitious politicians want to make their own mark. Javed Hashmi was always the number 3 in PML-N, after Nawaz Sharif and Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan, but he wanted to be number 1. Chaudhry Nisar proved more intelligent than Hashmi and even in absence of the Nawaz Sharif during the later’s exile never tried to take his position. Hashmi was not so prudent and that was what the bone of contention between him and the Nawaz Sharif.
Fauzia Kasuri and Javed Hashmi Were Cut to Their Size
Javed Hashmi didn’t accept that and went public numerous times with his resentment. He was never issued a show cause notice or asked to give any explanation from the PML-N. He left the party to join the PTI, as PTI rose to popularity thinking that he would be number 1 or number 2 in party and someday would indeed become number 1. He learned the hard way that it was not the case and neither the Imran Khan nor the PTI workers would want to give him that space. Internal rifts and political contention is way higher in PTI than the PML-N and they also made Javed Hashmi ate his words back in a press conference. That press conference was basically the admission of Javed Hashmi to the reality that he wasn’t number 1 or number 2. I am not sure that he is number 3 in PTI now after Imran Khan and Shah Mehmood Qureshi.
Fauzia Kasuri also thought that she was the mother of PTI and it was her default right to get the ticket or any seat in the assembly from PTI. To her horror, she was denied that and a strong lobby emerged to cut her to size. Imran Khan also didn’t like the way Fauzia tried to appear taller than him declaring that she was the founding member of PTI and was with Imran when everybody was laughing at him. She has also been neutralized and now she is focused on providing clean drinking water to some unknown people at unknown placed under umbrella of some unknown NGOs. This is what politics is all about. There are some leaders who are number 1 and there are who are always destined to come after that. It’s pity that both Hashmi and Kasuri got wasted while learning that.
Blog post Written by Mamoona Kazmi and You can visit the original article at http://www.pkhope.com/
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