PML-N Faces Media Wrath Even Before Start

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They haven’t formed a government yet. They haven’t taken any oath yet. They haven’t got their speaker, deputy speaker, chief ministers, and prime minister elected yet. Their cabinet is not confirmed yet. Their initial strategy and policies are not known yet. Still the Pakistan is governed by the caretaker setup, but if you look at the TV talk shows, you will be shocked to see that various anchors have already started spewing venom against PML-N. This is one area where PML-N needs to work on. They must have realized by now that electronic media is no darling to them and is heavily pro-PTI. From Kashif Abbasi to Rauf Klasara, from Mubasshar Lucman to Mehar Bukhari, from Javed Chaudhry to Asma Sherazi, and various others have already done many programs  criticizing PML-N for the things which they are still to be tested for. Many of these anchors have their own reasons for the enmity.

PML-N Faces Media Wrath Even Before Start

Rauf Klasra hates leadership of PML-N and so is Kashif Abbasi. They both have their own reasons to support PPP and PTI respectively. Rauf is a close friend of Gilani family of Multan and Kashif Abbasi has also got a PPP-now-PTI political background. Mubasshar Lucman is an arch enemy of anything even remotely PML-N. He was made minister by Musharraf for these qualities.There are also some other characters. If you want to recognize them, then the hint is to look for those anchors doing exclusive interviews of Sheikh Rasheed on weekly basis. Despite of these individuals, the whole media groups are hell bent on demeaning and smearing the PML-N upcoming government. Dunya News, ARY News and Capital TV are leading the way. 
For Dunya News, the criteria of joining is your pledge to defame and criticize PML-N. Muhammad Malick, his uncle Haroon Rasheed, Kamran Shahid, and almost every news item and talk show is anti-PML-N. The newly arrived Capital TV is the brainchild of PTI media time and they are fully funding it. ARY News is also running on anti-PML-N fuel on these days. Kashif Abbasi, Waseem Badami, Mubasshar Lucman and various others are beating PML-N with allegations and words on daily basis. Do these channels and anchors think that people are silly and foolish? They have been doing this smearing campaign for ages, very well before the elections. But people of Pakistan looked through their deception and lies and voted for PML-N. The people of Pakistan once again judge the PML-N government when they come and start working, and not on basis of these anchors and talk shows.
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