Cat Eyes Makeup Tips With Liquid Eye liner

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Eyes are the most delicate and yet most beautiful part of anybody that reflects a persons Personality. Its importance is well understood by ladies that leaves no chance to present their Eyes very beautiful and attractive. Makeup is the best method for Ladies to make Eyes Gorgeous and Pretty. Cat Eyes Makeup Tips with Liquid Eye liner are as follows:

  1. First Clean and Moisturize your skin properly than apply a fine layer of make-up powder with a brush on your eyelid. That Provides a fine lining to your Eye lid.
  2. Place a mirror in front of you and remove any access powder from your eyelid.
  3. Look into the mirror with your eyes being wide opened and mark the liner where you want it on your eye lid.
  4. Now look down into the mirror with eyes being half opened so that you can see exactly where the Mark is Placed.
  5. Place tip of Brush on the inner Corner of Eye lid and Revolve it Smoothly towards the Outer Eye lid for Proper Eye Lining.
  6. Curve the liner toward up for Upper Lining.
  7. Smooth way lines and Thicken the Eyeliner as you wish . Repeat the same on other eye.

These are some helpful tips for Making eyes look beautiful like any Cats Eye.

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