Five years of Democratic rule in Pakistan

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Five years of glorified Democratic rule are coming to an end; an era that is marked with destruction, chaos, anarchy and above all, corruption. Reports of ‘democratic fraud’ have been coming up so regularly that it is hard even to track them. Every new scam is bigger, bitter and more shameful than the previous one keeping news channel reports busy round the clock. People are, as always, confused about what to believe as they witness ‘intellectuals’ daily from 8 PM to 11 PM on more than dozen news channels, lecturing them about how much ‘blessed’ people of Pakistan are as they have ‘successfully’ completed the ‘golden’ tenure of Democracy. ‘Scholars’ on news channels are also marking the end of ‘prosperous’ Democratic rule with the funniest argument I have ever been through; the cure to ‘Democracy’ is ‘More Democracy’. It beats my fathom by miles that someone is suggesting to cure cancer with more cancer.

Five years of Democratic rule in Pakistan

I am not that good at Mathematics and don’t know how to play with statistics; but it’s well proven that ‘glorious’ Democracy has done wonders on economic front. Dollar is almost 100 times more valuable than PKR and petrol has already crossed this landmark. Some days back, there was a fierce competition about this magical 100 mark; Dollar to PKR rate, petrol prices in Pakistan and number of centuries scored by Sachin Tendulkar, all were competing neck to neck to conquer the 100 mark first and after a nail biting finish, Petrol price emerged victorious.

Bleeding Karachi, devastated KPK and rebellious Baluchistan is what we have at the end of 5 years of hailed Democracy. It’s also amazing to notice how ‘thinkers’ on news channels are trying to convince the masses not to confuse Democracy with govt. According to them, all the damage done is with the govt. and has nothing to do with the Democracy itself. Give me a break! If this argument is justified than why all the harm done by Mush regime is presented as the fallacy of Dictatorship? Why all his crimes are not limited to his govt. and Dictatorship is blamed? If ‘More Democracy’ is the cure to the disease of ‘Democracy’, on what basis supporters of Democracy don’t consider ‘More dictatorship’ as a cure to ‘Dictatorship’?

Five years of Democratic rule in Pakistan

I am 200% sure that upcoming elections aren’t going to do anything good to Pakistan because Democracy is a flawed system in itself. A system that gives power to parliamentarians to make laws on the basis of majority with no concern whatsoever about right and wrong. Just imagine, a person was given a death sentence for a certain crime a decade ago because 51% at that time believed in death sentence, same crime is committed by a person today and he gets a life sentence because 51% now don’t believe in death sentence. Is this what you call justice where two persons committed same crime and treated differently because 51% in parliament have changed their opinions?

One more famous myth associated with Democracy is accountability; People have power to elect candidates of their own choice after every five years. But what about in between those five years where people are left with no choice but to wait for the end of tenure? The biggest ‘fear’ of this ‘accountability’ an elected parliamentarian carries is that he won’t be re-elected and is it what you call ‘accountability’? For me, Democracy gives a license for corruption to elected candidates for a period of five years. In today’s world when documents travel with the speed of light, five years is more than enough for someone to secure his/her future. I can’t figure out what kind of accountability is this where the corrupt parliamentarians can do whatever they want for five years and the ‘accountability’ they have to face, at max., is not to get elected again. Whoa, I am quite sure that this severe accountability measure makes elected candidates shiver and tremble with fear!!

In actual, Democracy and Dictatorship have the same flaws, i.e. allowing people to make laws for the rest. Former does this with the help of 51% where later converges this authority to a single person. As long as some people have the right to make laws for the rest, the rest will be exploited and that’s where the Islamic system of ruling comes in which doesn’t allow law-making at any stage. Caliph is there to implement the laws mentioned in Quran and Sunnah and he can’t amend them either on the basis of majority or personal will. It’s high time for the people of Pakistan to say NO to democracy, NO to dictatorship and YES to Caliphate so that we can come out of the misery we have been through for the last 65 years !!

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