Lahore Metro Bus: a viewpoint

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During the days of rift between two wings of Pakistan – east and west., a delegation from east Pakistan visited Islamabad and there sentiments gave birth  to a true and haunting statement. I am referring to the  famous jute smell from the roads of Islamabad statement. No matter how much we sob over the conspiracy element behind the separation of two wings and fall of Dhaka we have to admit the fact that shortcomings of the power corridor in west wing gave a ground where “evil plans” and conspiracies work the best. Unfortunately the slap like reality of 1971 was not strong enough to wake us up. That is the reason our “powerful” is still ruthless and keep suppressing the less powerful. Perhaps economic suppression in our country is the biggest curse that can easily drag us to another horrible black day.

Lahore Metro Bus: a viewpoint
The situation can be much worse if the sentiments are abused the way they have been done in past and even in present but we have many other “important” stuff to do. For last couple of weeks newspapers and social media is pushing me to celebrate the historic success of “Lahore” province sorry my mistake Punjab province that the glorious and revolutionary Metro Bus service is being launched, finally. A service for which Lahore paid a very heavy cost in the verge of transforming the city into Paris Lahore has seen a lot of construction and destruction work. Moreover, when ever it rains the absence of river Seine can not be felt as rain water arranges one for the Lahoris living in our very own Paris. Lahore is the only city in the world of its size and the population of over 11 million that does not have a proper public transport system. While knowing and considering this fact Metro bus service and the whole celebration makes a little sense but Lahore is just one district among all 36 districts in Punjab. The current government claims the transformation of whole province in the ad campaign of metro service but the only a few millions out of over 91 million will be lucky enough to use this blessing. Thirty Billion Rupees of whole province’s pocket was burned to bring the metro dream into reality. On another angle world is advancing and enjoying the faster metro train system and we are celebrating Metro Bus service if it is something remarkably out of this world.
Lahore Metro Bus: a viewpoint
shahbaz-sharif-in-metroMany argue that the performance of the Punjab government has been much better than the other provinces but performance should not have been limited to Lahore only. The government has been obsessed with making headlines rather than making reforms. The Danish School project gulped the budget that could reform the existing education setup under the government. Nearly the same treatment was given to the health sector. And now this metro bus service which indeed is a gift to the city but it could have been a better step if existing system (private) of transport was reformed. Province and the city it self have so many problems that demand attention of government. Availability of cleaner drinking water in all corners of the province is just one point in the long list. Perhaps they are not as incredible steps as a headline requires.
Congratulations to the government who successfully rolled out this project and made to the big news. Congratulations to the chosen few who are officially blessed now. Those who are suppressed don’t listen to them as they are trouble makers and there is something seriously wrong with their nose if they can smell wheat and cotton in the smoke this bus will produce.
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