Never let someone else live your dream

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It has happened to me many times and now is the time i think i should say that publicly  People have been calling, texting and mailing me, telling me how lucky i am to do what i am doing. They want to do it themselves as well, and they start comparing their lives with me.

Never let someone else live your dream

Please, DO NOT compare yourself with mine. You are awesome, you have your own life, your own set of rules, your own way of living, your own dreams, don’t see someone else’s life and wish to make that yours. I tried that and its of no use. I have gone through my own experiences and you have to go through your own. Find yourself, dig deep into your heart, see what your circumstances are, how strong you are inside, what opportunities do you have, and then give it a start. But never compare your life to someone else’s. Never let someone else live your dream, live it yourself.

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