Test Your Colourblindness through an App by EnChroma

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Mobile app developers have created an app that can put your colourblindness to test and confirm your status of vision. This newly developed app has been created by EnChroma, which has been scientifically validated for its colourblindness tests. These tests can be given to both adults and children and is available for free on Android and iOS platforms and can be downloaded online.

Often colourblindness goes unnoticed because people do not realize they suffer from it, unless in severe cases. If you ever find someone disputing the colour that you say an object has, then either you or him are colourblind. To confirm which is which, using this app will be an easy way to find out. Colourblindness can be found in people of any age and any ethnicity. It is not specific to any particularity in this regard.

EnChroma, the app developer has based it on a certain type of image known as pseudo-isochromatic plate, which is a very common way to determine colourblindness in people. Such an image consists of a random pattern of dots with varying colour and brightness. Behind these dots is hidden a simple geometric pattern that could be circle or a square or even a number in the form of an Arabic numeral.

In the app, the test gets more complicated with the shapes becoming difficult to understand in the colours and brightness they are set in. The app will tell the user what type of deficiency he or she has and to what extent it is.

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