President Zardari demands serious action over blasphemous acts

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President Asif Ali Zardari, while addressing the UN General Assembly on Tuesday evening, expressed the strongest condemnation of the acts of incitement and hate against the faith of billions of Muslims of the world and the Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him).

In a declaration given to UN Assembly, the president said, “The International Community must not remain silent on the issue of blasphemy and should take serious actions against the actors.”

The International community should stop such acts endangering the peace of the world. UN should also take serious steps to stop these condemnable acts, he said.

The president said globally Pakistan faced enormous challenges. “But with collective efforts and commitment we can provide a better future to our people. We must work to end poverty. We must work to protect the planet, and mitigate against climate change. We must ensure equal rights to all peoples, and protect the weak and vulnerable. We must pursue justice and fairness for all people. We must pursue the peaceful settlement of international disputes. We must save our current and future generations from the horrors of war,” President Zardari said.

President Zardari demanded International community to stop the demands of do more.

“I am not here to reply to the arguments raised against Pakistan. The politicians, military and the people of Pakistan have replied to the arguments of international community with their sacrifices.”

“We have sacrificed seven thousand soldiers and 37 thousands civilians in the war against terror. In this fight against terrorism, we had sacrificed Minorities Minister Shahbaz Bhatti and my beloved friend Salman Taseer.”

“On December 27, 2007 knowing her life was under threat from the mindset she had warned the world against, Pakistan’s first elected woman leader and my wife Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto was martyred through the bullets and bombs of terrorists,” the president added.

He said terrorism and extremism had destroyed human lives, torn apart the social fabric, and devastated the economy. “International community are hosting enemies of Pakistan, who have destroyed our country.”

“Drone attacks are causing resentment in the people of the country. The attacks have caused negative impact on the war against terror.”

The president said Pakistan’s election to the Security Council reflected its commitment to world peace.

“It is also a vote of confidence by the international community for Pakistan and Ambassador Haroon. The UN represents our common aspirations for peace and development. However, it needs reform. The UN system must become more democratic and more accountable. Reform should be based on consensus and democratic principles,” Zardari said.

“Pakistan have contributed the most in the UN-peace keeping missions. More than 10 thousand Pakistani soldiers have served in the missions across different parts of the World.”

“The economy of the country has faced serious set backs due to the floods in the country. I thank International community for playing a vital role in the disastrous moments faced by Pakistan.”

We have established for the very first time a truly independent Election Commission, to ensure free, fair and transparent elections. Our media is free, uncensored and thriving. Our civil society is flourishing under the protection of democracy. We have created the first social safety net through the women of Pakistan for the weak and less privileged. Millions of families have benefitted. We have aided the poor and at the same time empowered the women of our households. This safety net is called the Benazir Income Support Programme. “These are the gifts of democracy. This is the dream of Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto,” Zardari said.

The president said that the growing regional pivot in Pakistan’s foreign policy was a reflection of our democratic policy-making. “In engaging with our region, we are changing the future. In China, our strategic partnership is growing from strength to strength. In Afghanistan, we have begun to engage and deepen our friendship with the entire range of the Afghan political spectrum. We believe that a sovereign, stable and secure Afghanistan is good for the Afghan people. And what is good for the Afghan people is good for Pakistan,” the president added, calling on the international community to support the three million Afghan refugees in Pakistan in their quest to return home with dignity.

“Similarly, we approach our relations with India on mutual trust. The contacts between our leadership are expanding. I was encouraged by my discussions with the Prime Minister of India last month in Tehran, who I met for the fifth time in four years,” the president said.

The president demanded the UN Assembly to gave membership to Palestine. “We support the demand of separate homeland for Palestine,” he added.

The president further said that the unsettled dispute of the Kashmir was the failure of the United Nations.

The president spoke against the spread and illegal trade of heroin and said despite the presence of international forces in Afghanistan, the size of the heroin trade had increased by 3000 percent in the last decade. “Terrorist activities within our region and indeed all over the world are funded and fuelled by the unrestricted production and sale of illegal drugs,” he said.

President Zardari said that he had committed his Presidency and the nation’s future to a paradigm shift: a permanent democratic future for Pakistan. “It has not been easy. But nothing worth fighting for is easy. We long ago stopped thinking of doing what is easy. Instead, we have committed ourselves to doing what is right,” he said.

The president said that dictators have destroyed the social and economical infrastructure of the country. “They had imprisoned elected members of Pakistan. I have spent my 12 years in jail.”

International community has provided billions of funds to dictators in Pakistan. The miseries of the Pakistani nation are due to the rule of dictators.

The International community should now help the democratic government of Pakistan. The economic aid would help the country to combat against the terror elements.

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